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Congratulations to the award winners at the 7th Annual GI Awards Ceremony

Lew Shapiro, right, was presented with the 2019 Roger Smith Award. GI Director Emeritus Roger Smith is on the left, and GI Director Bob McCoy in the middle. Photo by Sean Tevebaugh.

After another year of hard work and successful research, the GI celebrated its staff, faculty and students on Friday, Feb. 15 during the Annual Awards Ceremony. The 2019 awards recognized the efforts of our colleagues during 2018. Best faculty and best student papers were selected from those in print during the year throughout the seven research groups at the GI.

Congratulations to the award winners and nominees and a big thank you to everyone for your contributions to the GI community!

Award descriptions and winners can also be found on the GI Awards Ceremony website. and the full 2018 publication list can be found here.

Awardees are as follows.

Roger Smith Lifetime Award:
Lew Shapiro
TK Moore Award:
Michael West
Outstanding Staff Performance Award:
Vicki Daniels
Outstanding Student Performance Award:
Emilie Sinkler
Community Service Award:
Jami Warrick

Faculty Best Paper:
Nicole Mölders: Mölders, N., and Kramm, G. (2018) “Climatology of Air Quality in Arctic Cities—Inventory and Assessment.” Open Journal of Air Pollution (7),

Best Student Paper (joint winners):
Jacob Rosenthal: J. Rosenthal, P. Betka, E. Nadin, R. Gillis, and J. Benowitz. (2017) “Vein Formation during Progressive Paleogene Faulting and Folding Within the Lower Cook Inlet Basin, Alaska.” Geosphere,

Christine F. Waigl: Christine F. Waigl, Martin Stuefer, Anupma Prakash, and Charles Ichoku. (2017) “Detecting High and Low-intensity Fires in Alaska Using VIIRS I-band Data: An Improved Operational Approach for High Latitudes.” Remote Sensing of Environment,

Nominees were:

Community Service Award: Jami Warrick and Steve Lanese
Outstanding Staff Performance Award: Katie Best, Lisa Piechocki and Vicki Daniels
Outstanding Student Performance: Emilie Sinkler, Jacob McKenna, Louis Bastille, Margaret Rudolf and Nicholas Hasson