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Humans of the GI: Chris Fallen

In the office of Chris Fallen, research associate professor of space
physics and HAARP chief scientist. Photo by Tiffany Thomas

“I’ve been taking guitar lessons for eight years now and I’m still not really any good at it. I don’t practice enough; I work too hard here. But it has been a fun hobby to learn about music and music theory. It’s a nice way to relax and then also apply some of the math and the techniques we use here in a completely different domain. I have a piano at home, too, that I am even worse at than the guitar.”

Have you ever thought about using some of that music theory to do composing?

“As a matter of fact I have many books on songwriting and music composition which I have purchased and put on my shelf where they have stayed.”

Perfectly intact spines?

“Perfectly intact, haven’t been cracked yet. But it is something I have always been interested in and maybe someday, maybe when I retire, I’ll work on that.”