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Humans of the GI - Victoriya Forsythe

In the office of Victoriya Forsythe, a postdoctoral fellow
studying high-latitude ionosphere at the GI. Victoriya is also mom to
her 10-month-old daughter Aurora. Photo by Kelly Eagan.
Kelly Eagan

“I used to spend a lot of time doing CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting, skiing and running. I even ran a marathon. Now I have a 10 month old daughter, and she’s completely changed my life. I can just sit and stare at her. It's fantastic. I never had baby fever. Now, the whole world for me is just around my baby. Every day there's something new. She started walking very early; she runs already and rides her rocking pony.

My way towards science was very long and wavy. In my twenties I used to be a tattoo artist. Back then, my mom said, ‘No tattoos for you.’ I wanted one -- I wanted a sleeve! But I respect my mother! So I don't have tattoos myself. I could never decide what exactly I wanted: it should be something like a big life event or something that I would not regret. But it's so hard to choose. It should be something very unique, very personal. I thought the birth of my daughter would inspire me, but actually, it doesn't match with the tattoos at all, and I'm further from that dream to have a tattoo than closer!”