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Student ad contest for Alaska Teacher Placement

Alaska Teacher Placement is holding its first advertisement contest this fall in video, audio and print ad categories, with $10,500 in cash prizes, including $2,000 for first-place winners.

The contest highlights unique aspects of living and working in Alaska to encourage potential K-12 teachers to come to Alaska. Contestants are to enter an ad that conveys the Alaska message in any of the video (TV), audio (radio) and print (magazine) categories. Students on all University of Alaska campuses are encouraged to enter.

The first-place winners’ products will be showcased at various ATP events where prospective and current K-12 teachers, administrators and school personnel from all over the country gather. Products will also be viewable via the ATP website.

The submission deadline is Jan. 31, 2019. Application guidelines, submission and prize details can be found at the K-12 outreach website.

Established in 1978 as a partnership between the University of Alaska and school districts, Alaska Teacher Placement has served as a statewide education job clearinghouse for Alaska, matching current and prospective teachers and administrators seeking positions with the districts that need them.

Contact Toni McFadden, Alaska Teacher Placement manager, at 907-450-8438 or for more information.