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Humans of the GI: Ken Tape

In the office of Ken Tape,
ecological researcher with the Snow,
Ice and Permafrost group, pictured
here with one of his recent photographs.
Photo by Tiffany Thomas

“A couple of years ago I photographed the Sky Rock petroglyphs. It's a panel I was actually aware of for almost twenty years but I had to do a bunch of sleuthing to figure out exactly where it was. I flew down to Vegas, rented a car and spent a week doing photography but that picture, in perfect morning light, was just a moment, you know? It's an incredible petroglyph panel: unusual, beautiful and pretty big, about the size of my office. I'm there in the Eastern Sierra and these pink clouds come out. For photography, in terms of picking a subject and just going for it, a lot of things converged at that point: skill, passion and there's the luck. I just remember I had a really powerful feeling. As I said, it had been over fifteen years earlier that someone gave me vague directions, back when my photography interests were just starting. To go back to that place and be up there all alone just witnessing the magic with this ancient kind of celestial map? It was a moment.”

For a closer look at Ken’s work, visit the Lt. Governors First Friday Exhibit at the Alaska State Capitol today from 4:30 — 6 p.m. or visit his website: