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Northwest Glaciologists meeting

2018 Annual Northern Glaciologists Meeting. Photo by Andy Aschwanden.
Martin Truffer

The Geophysical Institute hosted the 2018 annual Northwest Glaciologists meeting Sept. 7 and 8. The meeting, an annual informal gathering of glaciologists from the greater Pacific Northwest, provided an opportunity to highlight current research activities. The emphasis was on presentations from graduate and postdoctoral students. Approximately 50 people attended the meeting, some from as far away as Norway and China.

A series of talks and posters highlighted glaciological research from Greenland, Antarctica, Alaska, Canada, the Himalayas and even remote islands in the North Atlantic. Professor Emeritus Carl Benson gave the keynote talk with slides and videos of his pioneering research in Greenland in the 1950s. On Sunday, GI professor Matthew Sturm led some participants on a well-received tour of the U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory Permafrost Tunnel.

The meeting takes place every fall with the venue rotating between several universities. This was the fourth such meeting in Fairbanks.

All photos credited to Andy Aschwanden.