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Limited funds available from VCR to support publication costs

The office of the Vice Chancellor for Research will have funds available during FY19 for UAF faculty, staff and students who are publishing their work in peer-reviewed journals, and in rare cases, book chapters, but who do not have other funding sources available to cover publication fees. Publication awards will not exceed $1,000 for a single article. Funds can be used to cover charges for color figures, page fee for subscription-based journal, or to cover a part of an open-access fee.

In order to be eligibile for this award the first author of the article be a UAF student, staff or faculty member. Priority will be given to articles generated from research that was not grant-funded, and articles with a student as first author. All other funding requests will be approved on a first-come, first-served basis and the VCR’s decision will be final. Articles must be published in high-quality journals with respectable standing in the discipline.

Authors can apply for the publication award after the article is accepted for publication. Authors will be required to disclose all funding information when applying for support. These limited funds are a funding source of last resort and authors are expected to exhaust all alternative funding sources before applying. Once approved, the recipient may submit the invoice to the VCR office for direct payment to the publishing company for charges amounting to no more than $1,000. Authors will be expected to ensure that the financial support for publication is duly acknowledged and a PDF of the final published article is provided to the VCR’s office for record.

In order to apply, please submit your request to Cassie Pinke, assistant to Vice Chancellor of Research Larry Hinzman, at Requests should include a short (half-page) justification of your request, name of publishing journal, verification of article acceptance for publication, citation/reference as listed and an invoice for costs.