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Humans of GI: David Fee

In the office of David Fee, volcanologist and infrasound scientist. Photo by Josh Hartman
Josh Hartman

“A lot of people kind of thought I was crazy because I did my PhD in Hawaii and then I immediately took a job in Fairbanks. Especially people in Hawaii had a difficult time imagining what that move would be like.”

Why did you decide to move to Fairbanks?

“I got a job offer. I’d been offered a job in Fairbanks before, maybe like six years before, that I seriously considered taking. I’m glad that I didn’t take it though because I don’t think it was the right time for me to be here. I think I needed to do some more things and have some different experiences in life. Before that I actually applied to grad school here and considered coming as well so it’s kind of like third time’s the charm. I guess I was destined to come to Fairbanks.”