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Voyager 2

Jul 09, 1979

In 1979 Voyager 2 passed by Jupiter. Voyager 2 was one of a pair of unmanned U.S. interplanetary probes launched in 1977. Although it was launched first (Aug. 20), followed by the launch of Voyager 1 (Sept. 5), Voyager 2 was designed to travel more slowly and pass all the giant planets. Voyager 1 visited Jupiter (March 1979) and Saturn (November 1980), then it left the Solar System. Voyager 2 passed Saturn (Aug. 25, 1981), but continued on to Uranus (Jan. 24, 1986) and Neptune (Aug. 24, 1989). Data from the two probes included photographs of Jupiter showing a variety of cloud forms around Jupiter, and volcanic activity on its moon, Io.