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Upcoming ACCAP webinars


Virtual Alaska Weather Symposia Webinar: New capabilities, opportunities, and challenges using GOES-17 in Alaska
Speaker: Jordan Gerth, University of Wisconsin at Madison
11 a.m. - noon AKDT, Wednesday, May 16

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Following a successful launch, the second new-generation Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite, GOES-S, became GOES-17 and is currently in the test position of 89.5 degrees West longitude. This fall, the satellite will begin drifting to its new position at 137 degrees West longitude, where it will begin imaging as the operational GOES-West satellite this November. GOES-West will dramatically improve weather satellite imaging of Alaska, with four times more detail compared to previous generation geostationary weather satellites, even on the North Slope. This will enhance scientific studies and operational weather monitoring of Alaska for nearly a decade to come. This presentation will discuss the value of GOES-17, particularly the unique aspects and challenges for high latitudes.

Available in-person in 407 IARC/Akasofu on the UAF Campus or online.

Registration and more information available at: