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UAF student accepted for the NASA SARP program

A UAF undergraduate student was selected to participate in the NASA Student Airborne Research Program, an eight-week-long student summer camp that focuses on giving senior undergraduate students experiences in related scientific fields. Kiersten Johnson is a senior majoring in chemistry, and was one of 28 students selected to participate. There were 10 students who applied to each student selected, making the 2018 NASA SARP selection highly competitive. Johnson is a student working with Jingqiu Mao in Atmospheric Science.

Johnson will spend the eight-week program in Southern California, where she will gain hands-on experience within either atmospheric science, oceanography, or land surface observations. The students will also be able to work on projects aboard NASA’s airborne research plane, the DC-8.

Students who are interested in applying for next year’s program can find more information at the NASA SARP website.