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Navigating the New Arctic, One of NSF's 10 Big Ideas

In summer 2017, the first ship to traverse the Arctic Northern Sea Route without assistance from ice-breaking vessels completed its journey. That transformational moment drives home both the opportunity and the imperative for the United States, a nation with an important Arctic presence, to ready itself for the new Arctic.

Navigating the New Arctic, one of the National Science Foundation's 10 Big Ideas, embodies NSF's far-sighted response to this profound challenge. NSF recognizes that broad engagement between existing programs throughout the Foundation will be needed to meet this challenge. NSF will build on its leadership in supporting Arctic science and observations to advance understanding of and predict the rapid and complex environmental and social changes in the Arctic region and to provide the tools and knowledge that will enable resilience for a globally-significant part of our world.

NSF issued a "Dear Colleague" letter on February 22 inviting proposals in FY 2018 that will advance NNA research through convergent approaches to emerging scientific, engineering, societal, and education challenges, and builds upon the NNA awards resulting from the FY 2017 DCL on Growing Convergence Research at NSF.

This is not a special competition or a new program; proposals in response to this DCL must meet the requirements and deadlines of the program to which they are submitted. Organizations submitting proposals to programs and funding vehicles without deadlines are encouraged to submit proposals by May 1, 2018, to be considered for FY 2018 funding.

More information is available online here, or download a pdf about the initiative below.