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2018 Field Safety Classes

Field Safety Training Schedule

The Department of Recreation, Adventure and Wellness is offering a variety of field safety classes in March.

Sign-ups are open, first-come-first-serve. The easiest sign up method is online via the MyDraw portal at

If classes fill quickly, DRAW will audit to make sure attendees are taking the classes for professional reasons (compared to personal interest). If a class is not filling, we will make it available to the broader UAF community.

These courses are designed for the UAF personnel going into the field — they have priority for enrollment. UAF community members planning to do field work this year are encouraged to participate in order to make the field experience safer for everyone. These classes are great options for new hires, new field assistants, staff new to Alaska and experienced researchers. While many may have the skill sets, we can all learn from each other in these courses. Our goal is to make field camps as safe and effective as they can be, but also to provide an enjoyable training experience.

Thanks to Vice Chancellor Larry Hinzman for his support in this professional development opportunity.