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2018 Science for Alaska Lecture Series

The Geophysical Institute presents the 2018 Science for Alaska Lecture Series, 7 p.m. on Tuesdays, Jan. 30 – March 6, at Raven Landing, 1222 Cowles Street, across from Noel Wein Public Library. All lectures are archived online at

February 27 - Exploring the final frontier from the last frontier
Richard Collins, Cheif Scientist for the Poker Flat Research Range, Professor of Atmopsheric Science, UAF-GI

Perched at Poker Flat Research Range in Alaska, the Last Frontier, scientists have been studying space, the Final Frontier, for nearly 50 years. These studies have allowed researchers to explore how processes launched from both the Sun and Earth impact our space environment. This talk will look at how scientists have and continue to use rockets at Poker Flat Research Range to conduct their work and better understand these connections between space and our environment. The talk will highlight recent scientific discoveries and the payloads that made them possible.

March 6 - Alaska puts the Remote in Remote Sensing
Nettie La Belle-Hamer, Deputy Director, UAF-GI, Director, Alaska Satellite Facility

Last spring many people watched with interest as the iconic, big, blue antenna on top of the University Alaska Fairbanks Elvey building was dismantled and a new, bigger, bluer dish was assembled in its place. Another large dish in the woods on North Campus was joined by a nearly identical one in 2013. At the same time, the Alaska Satellite Facility added two new antennas along the Richardson Highway. As we prepare to build two additional larger, more capable, antennas for NASA and install many antennas for small satellites, curiosity in the community is building. Why is NASA so interested in Alaska? Why so many antennas and why here? Part of the answer can be borrowed from your friendly neighborhood real estate broker: location, location, location. But location is not enough. To hear the rest of the story, join me for a look at remote sensing in Alaska, the Arctic and beyond.

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The 2018 SFALS Poster is available for download below.