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Humans of the GI

Josh Hartman and Tiffany Thomas

Inspired by photographer Brandon Stanton's photoblog Humans of New York, the Geophysical Institute's Public Relations office has developed a portrait series aptly titled Humans of the GI. The ongoing series highlights the aspirations, memories, relationships and hobbies of the many faculty, staff and students at the institute.

Photo and quote published on Friday, July 7th
“One of the best things that I’ve ever done was when I was in college. I went on an exchange program and it was for French — so I went to France — but the best thing about it was a program where we worked with local historical societies and we rebuilt Roman and medieval buildings using traditional building techniques. So that was for three months and that was super fun. I’d love to go back there sometime; that was a great experience.”

Lillian Anderson-Misel, executive officer of the Geophysical Institute, enjoys the sunny weather in front of her skis and Yukon Quest posters.

A photo and quote will be published on Fridays to the GI’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.