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NASA EPSCoR Meeting at Johnson Space Center

NASA EPSCoR is arranging a meeting in Houston June 14-15. As a part of this meeting they plan to have break-out sessions with Johnson Space Center researchers on the following planned topics (these topics may change depending on availability of JSC researchers):

1. Robotics and TeleRobotics
2. Materials and structures
3. Wearable Technology
4. Energy Storage technologies-Batteries, Regenerative Fuel Cells
5. In-situ resource utilization
6. Human Robotic Interface
7. Environmental control and life support system
8. Autonomous Rendezvous and Docking
9. Wireless and Comm Systems

The goal of the breakout sessions is to see if there is a collaborative connection that could be made between university researchers and JSC researchers.

Alaska NASA EPSCoR has funds to provide travel to a few Alaska researchers to attend the meeting.

Please see for information about how to apply to attend the meeting.